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Custom Essay Writing from Essay Tree

We have over 400 000 essays in our database. Does that guarantee that you will be able to find an essay that will perfectly meet the requirements of your assignment? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Written assignments constantly change and even though we do have the most current essays on virtually every subject imaginable, there is a good chance that your assignment is something the academic world has never seen before. The good news is that you will still find assistance here. Our deal is simple: If you cannot find your essay in our database, we guarantee you a custom essay that will be an original work, written from scratch and produced according to your specifications. Moreover, there are four compelling reasons to order a custom essay rather than trying to find free essays, purchasing the seemingly low-cost access to thousands of prewritten term papers or, as an extreme case, buying a prewritten term paper at $10 per page.

Why Custom Essay Writing Service by Essay Tree

  • Original work done to order. 
    No prewritten term paper will ever meet all of your instructions. Professors constantly modify directions and change requirements for research/writing assignments which makes it difficult to find a prewritten term paper meeting even half of the instructions. In contrast, custom essays from Essay Tree are written and researched from scratch to match the description of your term paper assignment.
  • Professional quality of writing and research.
    Prewritten term papers in our database as well as free essays circulated on the Internet were all submitted by students at some point in the past and therefore cannot constitute an original, professionally prepared and up-to-date written work. You will often come across poorly written term papers featuring superficial research. In contrast, custom essays from Essay Tree are produced by professional writers and researchers with immaculate writing skills and solid research experience.
  • No plagiarism and no future circulation.
    Free essays as well as prewritten term papers from databases have already been used by hundreds if not thousands of students worldwide. Custom essays from Essay Tree are original and unique because they are written just for you to meet your specific requirements (sources, academic level, length, structure, citation style etc.) and to remain your private property. Essay Tree guarantees that your custom essay will never be put in any database and never resold, circulated, or used in some other manner for commercial gain.
  • The cost always ends up lower.
    The time spent on finding free essays as well as the attractive “low price” of prewritten term papers may cost you dearly as you spend hours and hours adjusting the term paper. You may simply end up doing the job from scratch. In contrast, our custom essays will save you time and money because they are created to meet your needs.


As of today, we employ more than 50 staff writers with university degrees (all university graduates/Master’s students/doctoral students) in different academic areas. We also have staff researchers who dig for the necessary information and editors who check all custom essays prior to delivery.

Custom Essay Writing Features

  • Free E-mail Delivery and Direct Download for all custom essays
  • Free Unlimited rewrites and revisions for all custom essays
  • Free Bibliography, Outline and Abstract for all custom essays
  • 12-point Courier New (double spaced), 1-inch margins, 250 words per page
  • Free Paper Hosting (you have constant access to your custom essay which can be downloaded any time you need it)

Custom Essay Writing Ordering Process

  • To order a custom essay all you have to do is describe your assignment in great detail, submit the order form, and pay the order by a credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex).
  • The staff members in charge immediately assign the job to the most qualified staff writer and, if needed, employ the skills of a professional researcher.
  • An editor checks your custom essay prior to delivery.
  • Your custom essay is delivered as a Microsoft Word document via e-mail free of charge. The file can also be downloaded from the server to guarantee prompt delivery of your custom essay and prevent e-mail delivery delays.

You are encouraged to have a look free quote of custom essay before placing your order. Essay Tree can guarantee high quality of writing, originality of research (no plagiarism), and prompt delivery. To begin the process please start by requesting an instant price quote for your project.

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