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2. Discuss the lessons you think English colonists learned from their early Jamestown experience. Focus on matters of fulfilling expectations, financial support, leadership skills, and relations with the Indians.

Name :Professor :The Jamestown Experience 23 August 2007 JAMESTOWN Jamestown , was an English colony founded by the Virginia Company of London in 1607 , Its main purpose was to be a trading post . On October 1 ,1608 , a company of settlers arrived aboard the English vessel Mary and Margaret with the Second Supply . The journey took roughly three months .The company recruited skilled craftsmen and industry specialists : who were capable of making soaps , glass , lumber milling (planks , and naval stores (pitch , turpentine , and tar . The products produced by these technicians e were the first America made products to be exported to Europe . However , despite all these efforts , profits from exports were not sufficient to meet the expenses and expectations of the investors back in England , and no silver or gold had been discovered , as earlier hoped . The early years of the settlers and the Virginia Company of London in the said colony was marked by a great struggle to survive . In 1609 the town had nearly 500 inhabitants , and by the spring of 1610 only 65 were left . New supplies of provision that spring kept the colony going . The inhabitants were dependent on supplies from England and on the Indians for food . Ironically , the investors of the Virginia Company of London expected to reap rewards from their speculative investments . Upon the arrival of the Second Supply , they made known their frustrations and made demands upon the leaders of Jamestown in written form . They specifically demanded that the colonists must somehow pay for the cost of the voyage so that they may recover a part of what they spent to finance the expedition . The Colonials were in a state of mental unrest because the means to pay-off the expenses of the said expedition eluded them . The responsibility to enlighten the Virginia Company of London concerning the plight of the poor colonials fell on the shoulders of John Smith , the new leader of the council . Meanwhile , dissent within the colony fermented due to laziness , lack of supplies , and periodic attempts at desertion by many of the colonists . Personal conflicts , as well as disagreements over new policies being formulated in London ,developed among Smith and various leaders . As a result , Smith left Jamestown to explore and map the Chesapeake Bay region and search for badly needed food supplies . Due to bad government and near chaos , Smith was eventually elected president of the local council in September 1608 .He instituted a policy of rigid discipline , strengthened defenses and encouraged farming with this admonishment “He who does not work , will not eat ” Because of his strong leadership , the settlement survived and grew during the next year .John Smith , delivered a “wake-up call ‘ to the investors in London which emphasized on the things which they need from their financiers and the current “poverty stricken ‘ status which they are experiencing .The terse reply from Smith awakened the investors from their slumber .There are strong indicators that the investors based in London comprehended and embraced Smith ‘s message . Their…

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