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Discuss the underlying issues behind the Missouri controversy and Compromise.

Running Head : THE MISSOURI COMPROMISE The Missouri Compromise Name Affiliation The Missouri Compromise The Missouri Compromise is one of the agreements that would eventually lead to the shaping of the United States as it is today . The controversy that has arisen prior , upon and after the institution of the Compromise is based upon the principles of the Constitution and the principles underlying the Declaration of Independence .While the Constitution of the country during the Missouri Compromise allowed for the use of slaves , the validity and morality of holding slaves have been heatedly debated upon . The United States have declared and fought for their independence on the principle that “all men are created equal ‘ That the United States continues to tolerate and use slavery is a paradox to the principle from which they have gained their independence . The Northern States have been fighting to abolish slavery .However , the Southern states ‘ economy depended on their use of slaves ,from which they have been relying upon for the past two centuries and has become an integral part of the Southern life .Slavery is an issue critical of the Missouri Compromise . For decades ,the United States Senate has maintained a balance of power by having equal representatives from “free ‘ Northern states and slave-holding Southern states until the application for statehood by the Missouri territory in 1819 as a slave state . If Missouri is allowed to enter as a slave state , slave holding states would have more representations in the Senate . Even if they were…

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