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Economic basis of African Slavery and its impact on the emerging nation

The rise of capitalism , the demand for trade and the scarcity of workers have pushed particular states in the U .S . to adopt African slavery . Due to this , it contributed to the growth of the United States as an economic powerhouse while consequently at the same time provided various societal struggles as an emerging nation . In the end , African slavery has brought considerable economic benefits to American society in general however it also gave rise to unequal treatment and important issues that continue to be an important determinant of the country ‘s policy .Economic Factors : One factor that can be considered as a catalyst for African slavery is the development of capitalism and the rise of various cash crops in the country . In that period , the American economy can be classified as agricultural . The vast amount of land needed ample workers to reap . With this idea , plantation owners who lived majority in the South sought for workers who are cheap and are able to get the job done “It was hard ,grueling work in the hot sun and very few whites were willing to do the work , therefore , most plantation owners purchased slaves to work the land (Associated Content , 2007 , p .1 ) Another reason is the relative nature of African slaves . Since majority of the landowners desired for increased profits , employing another white counterpart to do the job can only achieve minimal profits . On the other hand , by increasing the number of African slaves , they can access same or better labor in a cheaper cost (Associated Content , 2007 , p .3 )Also , African slavery is a solution towards the shortage of workers in the different states . Aside from the minimal costs that African slaves can contribute to the American economy and landowners , it can also serve as a justification for the shortage of workers to till the land (Associated Content , 2008 , p .2 ) In the end , African slaves were the main determinants towards the sustenance and growth of the American economy during the times when it was industrializing and developing .Impact towards an emerging nation African slavery has contributed both positive and negative implications to the formation of the American nation as a whole . One important positive impact is that it helped the American economy in its continued growth and sustainability . By employing numerous African slaves , it served as an important catalyst toward its industrialization and development from 17th to 18th century (Associated Content , 2008 , p .2 )In addition , it became the country ‘s economic advantage among other countries as far as trade is concerned . They have the sufficient manpower to make the economy functional and productive (Associated Content , 2008 , p .1 ) On the other hand , the issue also became an avenue for many debates that in turn led to conflict and violence . Seeing the United States history , the issue of racism and slavery became an important determinant towards the various states unification . Such debate became an important issue for both North and South states as it strived for unification .Moreover…

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