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Feminist analysis of mrs. rowland in `Before Breakfast`

Theme : The feminist viewpoint of Mrs . Rowland in `Before Breakfast ‘written by Eugene O ‘Neill . Build a readable , informative , persuasive ,and interesting paper that discusses critical views .Title : Feminist analysis of Mrs . Rowland in `Before Breakfast ‘Introduction O ‘Neill , the master playwright , portrays strong , interesting characters with equally strong emotions in his plays . His play , `Before Breakfast ,deals with an exasperated woman confronting her husband ‘s joblessness and infidelity . This is a short play in the form of a monologue by the woman , Mrs . Rowland .Mrs . Rowland jabbers all through the play expressing desperation , anger ,agony , and sheer disgust at her husband , Alfred ‘s penniless nature . Her full-throttled criticisation of Alfred ‘s ways leads to the denouement of the play – Alfred ‘s suicide .Character analysis of Mrs . Rowland The description of Mrs . Rowland ‘s small house in the beginning of the play portrays poverty . Mrs . Rowland wakes up tired and bitter . Her irritation is so intense that she goes to the extent of damning her apron whose strings refuse to oblige her in knotting up . In fact , the very first word that Mrs . Rowland speaks in the novel is “Damn . It is from here that her character builds up .It was a fine day , “It is about eight-thirty in the morning of a fine ,sunshiny day in the early fall ‘ but ironically did not seem to have any effect on Mrs . Rowland ‘s temper . Her demeanor is not at all pleasing , her hair is stuck up in a “drab colored mass , her “shapeless stoutness accentuated by her formless blue dress ‘ which is also “shabby and worn ‘ speak volumes about her . This is hardly expected of a young woman in her early twenties .Even as her ranting of Alfred begins , we understand that she is definitely not the timid type of woman . She rebukes him in the most unrestrained manner . She had been working not just for one , but for both the people in the family . She had been contributing to the family in whatever small means she can . While he had been whiling away his time in poetry and in `playing the gentleman and loafing around barrooms with that good-for-nothing lot of artists from the Square , she had been working very hard .Even as Mrs . Rowland does regular household work like sweeping and cleaning , she doesn ‘t fail to rebuke him for dropping cigarette butts and ashes all over the floor . Her attitude borders on feminism advocating her opinion on the ground of equality of sexes . Why she only borders on feminism is because she does the job and doesn ‘t necessarily hand him over the broom to sweep the floor . This point is further accentuated when she tells him that she was making coffee for both . Yet to show her protest in some manner , she tells him that she wasn ‘t going to wait for him .Mrs . Rowland ‘s frustration towards his lackadaisical manner is so severe that she complains loudly of everything he does . Is she taking advantage…

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