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military in iraq

Military in Iraq Introduction :One of the main institutions for running a country is a military .Without one , a country cannot be independent and it can make little progress . However , a country ‘s military should not govern it its role is to protect the sovereignty of the people . For a democratic country to be independent and progressive , it needs to have its people safe and free to live in a civilized society , which is why a military has to be in operation . Iraq serves as a perfect example , and demonstrates the need for military control to safeguard the people and make sure they are free (Dobbins , et al . 2003 , 243 . With the current situation in Iraq ,there is apparent need for US-led coalition military because Iraq does not have a comprehensively trained and equipped military to safeguard and secure its people .Body :The lack of trained Iraqi military personnel leaves an immense gap in the plan to make Iraq independent again . A military is one of the backbone institutions on which a democratic country may depend for safety and security (Anderson et al 2004 , 259 . The Iraq military is being developed , but at a snail ‘s pace , and on this basis it is argued that US-led coalition forces need to be retained in Iraq . Many have cited other reasons for the US-led coalition wanting to remain in Iraq .However , one can almost predict what socio-political condition would develop should the US-led coalition military withdraw from Iraq before they have developed and trained an Iraqi military (Crawley , 2004 , 26 .It is suspected that there would first of all be a split along two major factions of Iraqi society if there is no capable governing body and military . This would include a split between the Shiites and Sunnis , and this could occur at the improper and faulty Iraqi governmental level and among the people in general too . It is often asserted that there could also be a civil war due to this major faith-based split (Anderson et al 2004 , 259 .Besides the faith-based segregation in Iraq , one can expect different groups engaging in a power struggle (Kahn , 2003 , 27-30 . The worst part is that one knows little about the long-term motivations of such groups they could take control and appear to be liberals in governing the country , but might later show their tyrannical colors .Conclusion :With much being predictable and the worst expected in the absence of thorough military control in Iraq , a grim image is easily painted regarding its military capability to safeguard and protect its people .Iraq ‘s fate now seems to lie between time running out to prepare a capable military of its own , and the fact that there is more pressure on the US-led coalition forces to pull out sooner than anticipated .Works Cited :Anderson , L . D , Stansfield , Gareth R . V (2004 . The Future of Iraq :Dictatorship , Democracy , or Division ? New York , Palgrave Macmillan .259 .Crawley , V (2004 , October 18 . Cash to Rebuild Flows into Iraq Some Have…

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