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political, economic, social and cultural change during the 1960s-1970s

(Client ‘s Name (Instructor ‘s Name (Course Title (dayMonthyear – date )The Social , Cultural , Political , and Economic Changes in the United States during the Years 1960 – 1970 The American people have rich history in the past . Being one of the most powerful countries in the world , it has been under different regimes and presidential terms by which it has its different trends and changes in different aspects of a country .Way back in 1960s and the years of 1970s , these were the times when the World War II had its aftermath . The United States was just starting to recover its troop from different places in the world where war had happened . From the political aspect down to the cultural facet of the United States (U .S , there had been a lot of change that happened as the time went through with different leaders , people , and ideologies that hounded the country and the states .The decade of 60s was under the administration of John F . Kennedy wherein the Peace Corp was materialized . It offered help to different developing countries around the world in aspects like medical mission ,literacy , and military training . These scenarios could be seen most especially in the case of the Philippines (RP . Nowadays , there had been U .S . troops in that country traveling around the different regions of RP to help the people living there especially those in rural and mountain areas . Also , there had been political turmoil during the Watergate Scandal when former U .S President Richard Nixon was impeached and had himself resigned from his presidential position . Also , there were many group movements and civil mobilizations that had been established which demanding mostly an equality of treatment among the American citizen , no matter what was their skin color and what their race was . Some of these movements were Women ‘s Movements and Civil Right Movements , which both started during the 60s .Further , there had been political crimes during the incidents characterized by consecutive assassinations of government officials like former Pres . John F . Kennedy , however , in the history , it was never been traced as plotted or conspired . It was also the time when assigned President Lyndon Baines Johnson formally signed the Civil Rights Act .Along the political situation of the U .S , the economic activity of the state was also affected . Since there had been other races in the state ,the agricultural firms and businesses became more rampant than the usual suburban or family farms . However , the migrant laborers were still at the bottom of the economic aspect , and the issues of the farmers , which their condition in the society should at least be elevated , continue to hound the political and economic fazade of the U .S .As a response , the government had its increase in spending and the cutting of taxes . It offered more human service in the medical field .Further , it increased its education subsidy and also offered grants and scholarships for the students who were less fortunate to obtain education . After Kennedy had died , many…

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