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Character analysis The Red Convertible byLouise Erdrich

Name Instructor ‘s Name Course Date Lyman Lamartine in Louise Erdrich ‘s “The Red Convertible ‘ In world literature , there are several characters which can be considered as admirable by the readers . Lyman Lamartine from Louise Erdrich ‘s short story “The Red Convertible ‘ is one of those characters . While Erdrich did not depict Lyman as a perfect individual ,she made his unique and remarkable traits stand out . In “The Red Convertible ‘ Lyman Lamartine proved to be a hardworking and optimistic individual and a loving brother to Henry . In the beginning of the story , the readers can already see how hardworking Lyman is . Lyman claimed that his ability to make money was a talent that was rare in other Native Americans like him (Erdrich 103 . However , it is important to point out that earning money requires determination and passion for work , instead of being merely a talent .Lyman proved that he worked hard and deserved every penny he earned .From a shoeshine boy , he became a dishwasher at the Joliet Cafy . From a busboy , he eventually became the owner of the cafy in a short period of time . Lyman was only 16 years old (Erdrich 104 . His drive for work at such a young age is truly a remarkable trait . This is one of the reasons why Lyman is considered an admirable character . Another thing that is admirable about Lyman is his optimism . He may have achieved success at such a young age , but he was also confronted with tragedy . Just as…

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