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Jhumpa Lahiri’s “This Blessed House”

Insert Name Insert Professor ‘s Name Insert Course Name 23 April 2007 The Symbolism of Objects in Jhumpa Lahiri ‘s “This Blessed House ” Jhumpa Lahiri is well-known for her emphasis on everyday objects to symbolize cultural tradition and assimilation in her stories . Food ,religious artifacts , and clothing help to determine who her characters are . By focusing on mundane objects in “This Blessed House , Lahiri is able to explore the marriage and assimilation of Twinkle and Sanjeev . Objects immediately demonstrate Sanjeev ‘s disapproval of assimilation ,while simultaneously showcasing Twinkle ‘s love of new cultures : They discovered the first one in a cupboard above the stove , beside an unopened bottle of malt vinegar “Guess what I found ” Twinkle walked into the living room [ .] waving the vinegar in one hand and a white porcelain effigy of Christ , roughly the same size as the vinegar bottle , in the other . [ .] “Throw it away ” [ .] “But I can cook something with the vinegar . It ‘s brand-new “You ‘ve never cooked anything with vinegar ” [ .] “Check the expiration . And at the very least get rid of that idiotic statue ” [ .] “No , we ‘re not Christians . We ‘re good little Hindus (136 .Twinkle immediately demonstrates herself to be an untraditional woman .She is named after a child ‘s lullaby and her interest in the bottle of vinegar and the figure of Christ demonstrates her disinterest with tradition . Despite her being Hindu , she is also appreciative of other cultures . She has never cooked anything with malt vinegar before but now that she has the bottle in her hand , she wants to add it to her cooking . She is not Catholic but there is a beauty about the figure which seems to transcend past its religious background . The figure is no longer a figure of Christ , but a symbol of the deeply religious , a characteristic which Twinkle admires throughout the story . Sanjeev cannot bring himself to look past the superficial surface of the malt vinegar and the figure of Christ . He characterizes himself only as Hindu he cannot have Christian relics in his life because they do not represent any aspect of his being . As for the malt vinegar , he looks for any excuse he can to minimize any cultural clashes in the household and in his own personal life . He cannot see the malt vinegar as being an exotic ingredient to enhance his meals he sees only a bottle which has never been manipulated before in his wife ‘s cooking and that outward appearance leads him to think of the food and the relic as being frivolous objects which are only taking up space in the room as he struggles to bring order to the household . He is a man unaccustomed to change . He keeps his old college books because “[ .] the presence of his college books in the room reminded him of a time in his life he recalled with fondness , when he would walk each evening across the Mass…

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