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Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds : Donation Seven Pounds : Donation and Man ‘s Humanity Name University Professor ‘s Name Course Ben Thomas is an IRS agent in the film Seven Pounds (2008 ) directed by Gabriele Muccino . An astounding element of the movie is Will Smith ‘s acting of Ben Thomas ‘ character the audience can tell that the man Ben Thomas has something to hide , but that mystery isn ‘t sinister just troubled . This appearance of acting in character is developed through the artistic understanding of Muccino ‘s direction . The direction is further developed through the use of a love story as written into the script by Grant Nieporte . Emily Posa , as played by Rosario Dawson , is the love interest of Ben Thomas who is going to give her his heart . In the story , this type of altruistic heroism only adds to the depth of the character of Ben Thomas . Such depth is accentuated by the quiet scenes filled with love and not lust between these characters . Muccino ‘s direction is at its apex in the field moments between these two characters when Emily expresses to Ben (without her knowing that he will give her his heart ) how she would just like to be able to run . She cannot run , due to the condition of her heart and so her desire to do this simple act becomes a pivotal moment of decision for Ben . He decides then that his heart his hers , both physically and metaphorically . The overlays of music to emphasize the tragedy of…

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