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Russo-Japanese War

RUSSO JAPANESE WAR – AN ANALYSIS INDEX S .NO HEADING Page No 1 INTRODUCTION 3 2 ANALYSIS OF RUSSO JAPANESE WAR 4 3 CONCLUSION 9 1 . INTRODUCTION :The Russo Japanese war is mainly interesting because it had so many firsts namely the war was marked by the massive deployment of many new types of weapons which later became the symbols of the World War I . It was a first time that a front extended out over tens of kilometers .Further , it was another first time when so many battleships maneuvered in a naval engagement . Mines and torpedoes were first deployed in the Russo Japanese war . The world leading nations learnt the tactics naval warfare for the first time that too from the strategy of the opposing fleets . Historians were of the opinion that Russia could have won the war if it had not done so many mistakes . So , the other countries learnt what they should not do in a naval warfare as did by Russia in the Russo Japanese war . Russo Japanese war was the first major success in the modern age of an Asian country over a powerful western one and a forerunner of future culmination of events that paved for decolonization . Russia had lost more than 220 ,000 sailors and soldiers by waging a war with Japan . The loss is definitely a costly loss in the hands of monkeys which Russia used to refer sarcastically the Japanese .2 . ANALYSIS OF RUSSO JAPANES WAR :Russo Japanese war was fought for the aggression of Manchuria and Korea provinces which were neither owned nor had any lineal interest over it by the combatant states . Japan considered Korea which is adjutant to it geographically as an essential fortification against colonization by the Western powers . In 13th century , Mongolian army tried to invade Japan through Korean Peninsula . In the late 16th century , during Hideyoshi ‘s invasions of Korea , Japan attempted to separate Korea from China . Hence Korea is having strategic value for Japan . It was reported that Tsar Nicholas II was actually not interested in waging a war with Japan .Though Nicholas boasted himself as a man of piece , he really wanted an expanded Russian Empire . Encouraged by the vested interest , Tsar worked out strategies to capture Constantinople and thereby expanding it to Manchuria and Korea . Vested interest in the inner circle of Tsar which had commercial interests in the region forced him to attack Japan as it would not dare to take on mighty Russia .During 1900 ‘s , Chinese empire was disintegrating and this motivated the competing Russians and Japanese to acquire interests in the Far East was the pivotal cause of the Russo Japanese war . This had led to an armed conflict between Russia and Japan in 1904-05 . The main ground for the war was that Japan was nervous against Russian expansion in eastern Asia as it wanted to gain traction on the Asian main land . Russia successfully built Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok across Manchuria and forced the weak Chinese…

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