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Competitive Improvement Plan

Running Head : COMPETITIVE IMPROVEMENT PLAN FOR HEALTHWAYS Inc .COMPETITIVE IMPROVEMENT PLAN FOR HEALTHWAYS Inc .[Author ‘s Name] [Institution ‘s Name] Health ways is the leading organization which provides the specialized health and care support to all the millions of people who are suffering from different chronic diseases by reducing the period and overall healthcare costs . They not only serve to the people who are suffering from the diseases but also help other people to maintain and improve their health and lifestyle . They with other small entities make researches and design such solutions which keep the individuals healthy .They serve all the people irrespective of their age and status . They deal with the consumers through every communicating means for example by phone , mail or face to face interaction .The health care industry is a highly competitive because continuous changes take place . The motive of this leading provider is to promote the population health improvement through disease and care control . They provide high quality standards as well as support services and materials . They educate all the people who are involved in the health care management like consumers , payers , physicians . They focus on physical fitness and behavioral changes . The expected industrial reactions would be that due to the less healthcare costs , the more individuals will switch towards it and then change their lifestyle in a positive manner . This will help the providers to communicate with more population and educate them that how they can maintain and improve their health . The results would be that through the specialized designs and strategies the industry will achieve its goals . The people then become physically more active by using the Health ways Silver Sneakers Fitness Program . The smoking people can quit their smoking by another design . The contingency plans for success of the company includes that it should charge in such a way that the individual can afford it . The insurance plans , more no . of employees and risk adjustments are the main possibilities for the success of the organization . As much as the organization has the power for adjusting the risks the more is the chance of organization to succeed . On the other hand if the technologies , developmental strategies are not up to the mark , it will cause the failure of the company . A failure of information system will adversely affect the business in a negative way .As the organization deals with the treatment and improving of the health so it has some ethical and social responsibilities . It should serve to all the people regardless of their money status . The employees and physicians must practice in a proper manner as they have to answer the Almighty God . The patient when comes for treatment he trust on doctor so it is a doctor ‘s duty to examine and treat it in a good manner .The quality service and education are the measures which will help to maintain its name . The revenue of the company plays a vital role for competing with the competitors . The revenue will help the…

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