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Does television viewing affect academic performance

Devin Lee Ms . C . Boswell CBUS 105 02 December 2007 Does Television Viewing Affect Academic Performance Introduction The insights and understanding about of this study will serves as reference to the behavior of 4th and 5th graders of Mill Creek Intermediate School watching television and its relationship to their academic performance . The approach conducted to come up with the resolutions for this topic was made through survey method . The sample size used to acquire data of the normal percent of the group was 50 respondents for 4th graders and 50 respondents for 5th graders . The equal number size of respondents for this survey will be able to compare the subject level of differences and rationalization of the selective topic . To acquired weighing result for this paper , the following determining factors were used for this survey : the profile of respondent , the program watched , duration of television viewing , and the timeslot usually watched in television . For evaluating the academic performance , the overall grade , grade per subject and overall performance in school was considered . Impression for this topic will answer the reader ‘s interest of the school age behavior towards their study and leisure moments by watching television .Data Television is one of the powerful tools of the generation . It was invented to give entertainment , to educate and delivers information of the things around us . Television carries message through variety of programs that evolves significant impression to the viewer ‘s way of life . For children , television is a mechanism that creates connection to their personal and social values at home and with their environment .Children also can rely on the as parents guidance in the program content they were watching . It explained that children were able to acquire learning through adults . Wherein , adults can define the level of literacy in providing right topics to be discussed for the children (Media Form , 2007 . Through television , the audio-visual interpretation operates to psychological impact obtaining the high degree of recall acquired from the message being watched and it was cited in Psychological Operations Field Manual No .33-1 (1979 ) and Psychological Operations (PSYOP ) Media Sub course PO-0816 (1983 . The medium communication delivers to the viewers give impressions to what the personality that a child could be acquired and learned . As Dimitri Christakis cites studies in which more than 5 ,000 children also found that “pro-social ” programs (think “Mr .Rogers ‘ Neighborhood ) make children kinder and more tolerant . In fact ,the linkage between good behavior and watching good programming is as strong as the link between bad behavior and bad programming (Christakis , 2007 ) Based on the conducted survey , Table 1 shows that male respondent of the 4th graders answers that program with actions , suspense ,adventures and violent cartoon programs in Animax appeals to them .However , female respondents prefers program that are bubbly funny in character , fiction and fairy tale programs like Disney Channel . Most of them render time of 3-4 hours watching television after classes which is in the afternoon . About their academic performance , both genders are doing well…

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