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Strategic Plan (McDonalds)

Strategic Plan for McDonald ‘s Corporation ABSTRACT In the success-oriented world , corporate strategy serves as one of the tools of the company ‘s realization . McDonald ‘s has to constantly change its marketing strategy for example , because public opinion of fast food can radically shift thus affecting the acceptability or attractiveness of its product lines .The paper investigated the impact of current issues and concerns raised against McDonald ‘s and other fast food chains as it affects the complex way public perception is created . There are five factors which the paper evaluated which may have profound impact on the long term operation of a fast food giant like McDonald ‘s . The paper developed a five factor complexity mapping of McDonald ‘s . These are policy ,technology , business , corporate configuration and public opinion . These factors are so intertwined that a change in one factor could lead to changes in another . The paper have also investigated and evaluated the marketing strategies which McDonald ‘s has used in order to target customers seeking to consume only `healthy ‘ products and those who do not mind consuming fat foods . The paper describes factors which may affect consumer perceptions of `healthy ‘ and `unhealthy ‘ foods . The paper critically analyses the development of McDonald ‘s corporate strategy in relation to changes for example in public opinion and provides recommendations for further adjustments of the company ‘s strategy for possible future scenarios like high demand for all natural food and non-meat products .Point of View The point of view of this study can be envisioned through the top management executives of McDonald ‘s Corporation which , upon the accomplishment of this study could analyze the possibilities of rethinking of the current strategies that the corporation has . It is important to note that this study aims to establish yet an innovative plan which could work for the company as well as establish other opportunities that the company failed to do so in the past . The author of this study aims to provide an output which could be useful for the accomplishment of company goals and establish further profitability for McDonald ‘s Corporation .Subject of the Plan The subject of this study revolves around the possibility of having further strategies which could increase the profitability and sustainability of the resources that McDonald ‘s Corporation has . The identification of the factors which play an important role in the sustenance of the market share that the company has will be reconsidered in his study whereas the modification could lead to the attainment of the same corporate goals .Scope of the Plan Descriptive and grounded methods of research were used in the study to evaluate the factors affecting the relationship of players in the fast food industry . It is the belief of the researcher that in a study of socio-economic systems of McDonald ‘s , we need a combination of statistical or graphical and grounded methods to be able to properly evaluate and appreciate the dynamic qualities of socio-economic formations like for example , a McDonald ‘s restaurant or…

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