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Sustainability of Indian Aviation Industry

Sustainability of the Indian Aviation Industry Student Name :Date :Acknowledgement I would like to thank everyone who has helped in the success of this research project directly or indirectly .To my course instructor ( Name of lecturer here , thank you so much for according me invaluable direction and time without which this project would not have made it .Many thanks to my family , friends and all my classmates for the incredible support they offered to me throughout the development of this project .I would also like to thank the management of Alliance Air , Indian Airlines and Air Sahara from India American Airlines , Continental Airlines and Delta Airlines from America who portrayed a lot of patience and co-operation as I strived to do interviews through telephone calls .Their contributions played a major role to the success of this project .Declaration “I hereby declare to the best of my knowledge that I have written this thesis independently without any help from others and that I have mentioned all the sources used for this report . The findings for this study will also be available upon request by the various managements used in the development of this study (Alliance Air , Indian Airlines and Air Sahara from India American Airlines , Continental Airlines and Delta Airlines from America ‘Student Name :Date :Signature :Areas of interest I chose this topic because it was an interesting study to research on and the study would challenge my mind and knowledge in addressing pertinent issues in the sustainability of the aviation industry of India . Through this study credible and viable findings would be created which would play an integral part in coming up with viable recommendations . I knew that this study would help me develop my research abilities and at the same time my findings would be an addition to the available literature on sustainability of the aviation industry of India . In this manner , researchers and scholars would be able to refer to the findings for further information . The success of this study would also be able to grant me the chance to effectively graduate and open opportunities for my career life .OUTLINE Page Numbers Executive summary .5 Abstract .6 Aims of study .8 Introduction to literature review .8 Key questions .8 Methodology .8 Findings .9 Discussion .9 Recommendations and conclusions .9 Chapter One 2 .1 Introduction to customer loyalty .10- 11 2 .2 Background .13- 14 2 .2 Problem statement .14 2 .3 Purpose of the study .14- 15 2 .4 Rationale of the study .15 2 .5 Scope and limitations of the study .16 2 .6 Paradigm design of the study .17 Chapter Two 3 .1 Literature review .18 .Chapter Three 4 .1 Research process .28 4 .2 Objectives of study .28 4 .3 Research approaches . 29- 30 4 .4 Research design .30- 31 4 .5 Data collection .31- 34 4 .6 Timescale . 35 4 .7 Risk management . 36 4 .8 Overall limitations .36 4 .9 Data analysis . 37 4 . 91 Summary of research method . 38 Chapter Four 5…

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