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Interpersonal Communication Movie Analysis

Decoding the Proof The movie Proof , which stars Gwyneth Paltrow , Jake Gyllenhaal , Anthony Hopkins and Hope Davis , is mainly about the struggles of a young woman to communicate with the people around her as she re-examines her life and ultimately discovers her greater potentials . The movie circles around Catherine , played by Paltrow , the daughter of a Mathematics genius , Robert , played by Hopkins . Robert was a professor in the University of Chicago . In his early twenties , he contributed so much in the field of mathematics . He was highly esteemed by his colleagues and students . However , later in his life , he started to have bouts of psychosis , although the exact disorder was not mentioned in the movie . Claire , Catherine ‘s elder sister was in New York working as a currency analyst . So Catherine had to drop out of school to take care of her father , as she was the only one left to fend for him . And this marked Catherine ‘s sort of downward spiral . After their father died ,Claire came back to Chicago wanting to help her sister get her life back together . In the process , old issues surfaced and previous hurts that were not communicated become known . Meanwhile , Hal , a former graduate student of Robert , is on a quest to look for breakthrough works by Robert during his lucid moments when he was having fits of insanity . In the course of Hal ‘s research he slowly falls in love with Catherine . In general , Catherine felt that she could not relate with the world ,like she was always different . This is because her inability to communicate herself effectively . Once , one of her college professors almost failed her because she was not able to answer the given problem sets correctly . Even though the professor acknowledged that the solutions were good , the answers were not the correct ones that he was looking for . Clearly , the professor did not recognize that Catherine might also be a genius like his father . That she may have missed the rights answers but her problem-solving technique was remarkable . The professor may have not distinguished this potential because Catherine herself does not exude this . She does not project this potential because she was in denial of her true talents . Her self-image , or the way Catherine perceives herself , is flawed and this is why the way she presents herself to people is also flawed . There is a certain disconnect between who Catherine really is and what she presents herself to people . When Hal noticed that she had a lot of Mathematics books in her room , she quickly said that all the math books are just window dressing and that she really just reads Cosmo magazines .This disengagement between who she really is and who she makes people think she is creates an inability for Catherine to effectively communicate . When Catherine presented a complicated proof to Hal , he had a hard time accepting this was truly her work because she made Hal think that all the Math are just pretend . She…

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