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How can something be accurate but not true in the News Media?

How can something be accurate but not true in the News Media ? Does anything that is so accurate can actually not be true ? Although being accurate basically means also being true , an accurate report or story can eventually turn out to be not true in the media industry . It is a situation that takes place when a journalist is able to make a presentation or coverage of a particular topic with all the details and angles of a story being correct . However , being accurate does not necessarily and actually mean that what the journalist has reported is true as it could turn out not to be real or genuine . This characterized a situation or the issue of leaking unconfirmed or unchecked pieces of information to the media with the latter not realizing that there was a hidden agenda or concealed interest beyond the disclosure of such believed-to-be an accurate story . Enterprising and exclusivity-driven journalists are the usual victims of such bungled reporting . With a goal to outdo a rival or even a colleague and come up with a scoop , a journalist may come up with a story based only on what a source says .This can jeopardize everything because what a person says may actually not be the holy truth unless supported by evidence . An uncorroborated report that failed to undergo rechecking validation of pieces of evidence and confirmation by the source backfires to the journalist and the affiliated media organization . Aside from the fact that publishing or running an untrue story depicts a gross violation of the media ethics , the involved journalist and media organization are both subjected to a loss of credibility , affecting their conduct or performance of their profession as a result . These factors characterized what is perceived as an accurate yet untrue media report .Absence of Malice Media ethics that includes the accurate and true reporting by a journalist was presented by the drama film “Absence of Malice (1981 )that top billed Paul Newman and Sally Field . As an aggressive Miami reporter , Field was subjected to a set-up to unveil a murder story that supposedly involved Newman . With an aim to come up with a scoop , Field wrote a story wholly based from the information given by a corrupt and malicious government official . Field took the details provided by the source as the holy truth that unfairly implicated Newman to the crime .Although the movie unleashed a legal battle that risked the lives of innocent individuals , Field stood with the accuracy of her story and affirmed her absence of malice . Even though Field continued to commit violation of press ethics when she got romantically involved with Newman , the female reporter legally defended that there was no malicious intention to ruin someone ‘s life when she made the report . Field apparently banked her defense on a premise that is contained in the “Libel and Slander Act ‘ which states that : In an action for libel contained in a newspaper the defendant may plead in mitigation of damages that…

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