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Blue Nile Inc

Marketing Analysis : Blue Nile Inc Introduction Each industry is subject to factors that affects their performance and competitive position in the marketplace . It can be said that a company is also guided by its mission , vision and objectives . Primarily , the goal of this paper is to analyse Blue Nile Inc in terms of its mission statement , outsourcing and organizational structure .Overview of the Company Blue Nile Inc is an online retailer of fine jewelries and diamonds and operates in United Kingdom , United States and Canada . The company offers jewelries made of gold , platinum , pearl and also sterling jewelries and accessories . the company also have fine jewelry assortment which consists of settings , earrings , wedding bands , pendants and necklaces , watches and bracelets . The brand of the company is Blue Nile and their products are available at their website .Mission Statement The mission of the company is to establish premier specialty retailer of jewelry by providing their target market high quality products at compelling values with an empowering shopping experience embedded with their online retailing strategies . This means that the company aims on providing high quality jewelries for their clients by adhering to their company values . The company aims on achieving their mission with integrity and honesty . In addition , their mission are also achieved by being obsessed with their target market and by respecting their partners , coworkers as well as community . The company also aims on fulfilling their mission through their excellence execution of their business activities and their accountability for result to…

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