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completing my education will allow me to achieve my dream of becoming a chef

Importance of Completing Formal Education Your name _______________________________ Professor __________________ 06 January 2009 Cooking is my passion . This is the reason why , despite having had sixteen years of experience as a chef , I still endeavor to excel in this field and hone my craft . I believe that despite having taken courses in Cuba , the culinary field can still offer a whole plethora of menus and cuisines to explore and perfect . I believe that the world of culinary art knows no limit , and a true enthusiast would stop at nothing to achieve expertise and experience in this field .I have chosen to study in Le Cordon Bleu because I firmly believe it is the best in the industry . It has a long tradition of excellence and built on a solid reputation . Its courses and programs are always kept updated , based on prevailing interests as well as time-old customs .Moreover , Le Cordon Bleu is also world-renowned for its culinary excellence , with the laudable effect that its students move on to greener pastures after their studies . A diploma from this very prestigious institution is a sure ticket to culinary fame and good fortune (Le Cordon Bleu .Almost as important as the promised rewards of going to this prestigious learning institution is the opportunity to work with more than eighty Master Chefs , all of whom are recognized and distinguished in this career (Le Cordon Bleu . Being a chef myself , this counts as an opportunity of a lifetime . I can imagine how fruitful such interactions…

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