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cause and effect(youth problems)

. Causes and effects of Youth Problems 1 YOUTH PROBLEMS Causes and Effects of Youth Problems Causes and effects of Youth Problems 2 Discipline among teenagers and particularly in the United States is indeed a social issue , given the level of undesired happenings resulting from lack of discipline , within this group .Parents , teachers and social activists have recognized the need for urgent reforms in an effort to bring in a sense of discipline among them . The advancement of knowledge and technology brings with it several advantages . But these can also provide unintended results upon their misuse . The accessibility of teenagers to such materials and technology ,increase the risk of its misuse . Recently conducted research indicate that the part of the brain that responds to impulse and organized thinking does not mature till the age of twenty five . Excitation and mood are highly volatile in teens as the hormones affecting the brain ‘s neurochemicals are very active . This is the period when the brain is not mature enough to take responsible decisions Unfortunately it is also this period that teenagers take to newer habits and passions . Traffic crashes on the national roadways can rightly be described as the single biggest cause of death among teenagers in the US . With the number of teen driver deaths and injuries increasing phenomenally , the situation is so alarming that it is even being recognized as a national concern . Recent school shootings have become a concern among all who work with children and child issues . This state of affairs is mainly attributed to aggressive video games , movies ,televisions and poor parenting . Movies motivate youth everywhere , and it is either unfortunate or hard luck that only negative aspirations like crime and violence are portrayed more , which are quickly grasped too .These violent crime scenes drives even adults to imitate them , driving them to be more prepared psychologically . The love to watch violence and crime is gradually enhanced in the children , who are drawn to the gun culture . In fact even the type of guns used in movies are looked with awe and admiration . The projection of vulgar sex in all forms of media ,drive adolescents without a proper understanding of this subject . The occurrence of pregnancy , rape , sexual abuse etc . in teenagers result from improper propagation . Marketing managers do not think ethically in their attempts to sell their products . Most of them are not concerned of the association of their products with teens , and its possible misuse . In their adolescence years , children experience greater psychological growth as they try to cope up with the associated physical and sexual developments , related to this period . Adolescents confront difficulty and conflict in adapting to the unexpected sudden rise in sexual and aggressive drives . Such changes bring a sense of confusion within them as they struggle to come to terms with their perception of the world around them . The physical development in adolescents affects their habits and interaction in several ways . When they reach mid-adolescence (ages 14 to 15 ) their emotional and…

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