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compare and contrast the role that the due process and crime control models have on shaping criminal procedure policy.

ROLE OF DUE PROCESS AND CRIME CONTROL MODELS ON CRIMINAL PROCEDURE STUDENT ESSAY CRIMINAL PROCEDURE POLICY The development of crime and crime control is perceived in increasing opportunies , the system and modernisation of the world .Crime and crime control is seen as a result of poverty , oppression as far as politics is concerned , eploitatio , dependency and inequality .There is an argument that industrialisation and urbanisation have greatly a lot to also with crime due to the fact that the crime and crime control changes are an outcome of internal development influences no matter the place or time .Developed countries often exploit developing countries due to the fact that these countries depend on them and because of the changes in crime and crime control , the result is usually external influences in the economy politically .Social environment and resources can also be reflected by crime and crime control due to the fact that crime pattern changes with time are as a result of external and internal factors .Rates of crime like for example murder and theft are seen as overlapping , competing and alternative models .Modernisation and opportunity approaches focus on adaptation processes ,industrialisation ,Population increase , diversity of culture yet the systems and opportunity of the world are based more on dominant relationships ,materialism ,hostility and hierarchy .There are two kind of crime and the first one include , control crimes and domination crimes which are usually emphasised on by the capitalist classes .The second one is made of accommodation crimes , interpersonal violence crimes , rebellion or resistance crimes which are usually common in the low class and working class group and sometimes they are even known as survival crimes .Domination crimes may include those that injure workers and consumers including the public for example things like employee illness , death ,corruption , pollution , law enforcement and many others .Survival crimes may include theft , drug dealing and use , rape , murder ,assault , strikes and riots .There are violent crimes which can be as a result of gender relationships because usually men take themselves as superior and dominant as opposed to women and so this may result to the man being violent to the woman and yet these are the kind of cases which are not often reported to the police due to the fact that family or community elders sit down with the couple and try to reconcile them .Another type of violent crime can be about dowry for women and them being tortured because their family need to bring more dowry and some wives cant stand the pressure and the ill treatment are bound to committee suicide especially in countries like India .A lot of penalties have been attached to the dowry prohibition Act (1961 ) to prevent all these act of cruelty like suicide arising from dowry .Criminal law and crime are originally from Nigeria when the Lagos constabulary was made to prevent and control crimes at the points where trading was being made at the urban centres .The British made sure the security of the colonial…

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