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Describe the necessary personality traits that make up a good investigator and expand on each trait.

Traits of A Good Investigator A good , professional investigator is a rare individual . This person must have a number of personality traits that are individually uncommon ,and exceedingly rare in combination . Since the compensation for most investigators is not that great , it is rare that the professions needing good investigators attract people who have all these traits .Nevertheless , a good investigator must be persistent , goal-oriented ,clever , open-minded and knowledgeable . A good investigator must be persistent . When seeking evidence or answers , it is important for the investigator to know that their goal may not be a short time in coming , and often it will require them to sift through large volumes of irrelevant minutia , searching for important pieces or patterns needed to solve a particular case . An example of the persistence needed to be a good investigator is given by Oakland police investigator Jim Saleda (Fricker ) Saleda received a complaint about a sexual assault allegedly committed by a prominent local citizen , Yusuf Bey (Fricker ) Saleda began by combing through police records looking for any other complaints against Bey that had not been pursued by police (Fricker ) After an extensive search , he found several reports , and uncovered the names of dozens of other victims who had not filed complaints about the abuse (Fricker ) While Bey was accused of lewd conduct with a minor in 2002 , he never stood trial , as the case was dropped when he died in 2003 (Fricker ) As a result , Bey ‘s activity was never proven in a court…

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