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Effectiveness of Police Patrol

Police Patrols : Purpose and effectiveness Edit Your Name Here Police Administration March 01 , 2009 Name Police Administration March 01 , 2009 Police Patrols : Purpose and Effectiveness The intent of this paper is to examine the purpose and effectiveness of police patrols . Officers in the course of duty , covering their beat on patrol ,play a valuable , irreplaceable role in law enforcement . Even with the advances of the 21st century that we have seen , in this age of automated technology , the police officer on patrol is still an effective crime deterrent . Authors John F . Schnelle , Robert E . Kirchner , JR , Joe D .Casey , Paul H . Uselton , JR , and M . Patrick McNees , professionals respectively of The Nashville Metropolitan Police Department , the Luton Mental Health Center , and the Middle Tennessee State University have done extensive joint research , and their article is included here because of the wealth of information included . The studies , titled ‘Patrol Evaluation Research : A Multiple Baseline Analysis of Saturation Police Patrolling (1977 , examines the benefits of increased patrols ,as well as statistical effectiveness differences , based upon day and night patrol increases . The studies conducted involved monitoring increased patrols in four separate patrol zones . Michele Sviridoff ,author of `Police Patrol Tactics : A Review of Recent Experiments and Research (1983 , summarizes and compiles multiple studies conducted to evaluate “The effectiveness of preventive , aggressive , and structured Patrol tactics , as well as patrol efforts to provide community oriented policing (Sviridoff . 1983 .2 . Sviridoff`s article is very in depth ,covering the topic within the context of multiple methodological…

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