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advantages and disadvantages of doing ecommerce

Doing E-commerce : Advantages and Disadvantages The Internet is perhaps one of the greatest , if not the greatest ,invention in the 20th century . Almost all companies use the Internet to reach out to clients worldwide , including consumers who have become adept to placing orders online for many types of products that would ‘ve been buyable in shopping centers . In short , E-commerce is a modern phenomenon that presents both advantages and disadvantages .One of the primary reasons of companies in resorting to E-commerce is the lower cost in making business dealings . According to the E-commerce Program .com , “sending a few bytes of data over a network is cheaper ,faster and more convenient than sending a messenger or even making a phone call ( HYPERLINK “http /www .ecommerceprogram .com /ecommerce /Ecommerce-Advantages-Disadvan tages .asp “http /www .ecommerceprogram .com /ecommerce /Ecommerce-Advantages-Disadvant ages .asp ) Worldwide exposure is another advantage of ecommerce by allowing companies to promote their products on a global scale . The Internet also allows for speedier processing of transactions and support services , which are possible 24 /7 .However , we all know how public the Internet can be . In fact , there are some websites run by unscrupulous individuals that run software applications , without your knowledge , and steal personal information especially when making payments . We ‘re talking about such software as spywares , malware , etc . Internet glitches likewise occur from time to time , resulting in potential damage to your computer ‘s system .Hence , it ‘s very important to check a website ‘s privacy and security policy before making any transactions . Also be armed with information on how to protect yourself from online fraud which is easily obtainable on certain federal websites that protect consumers against online fraud .No one can discount the vital role of ecommerce in modern businesses .It ‘s a promising fact that extensive efforts are being made to protect consumers and further promote ecommerce .References :An Introduction into e-commerce . Retrieved December 17 , 2007 from the World Wide Web :http /www .marcbowles .com /sample_courses /amc /ec1 /ec1_3 .htm Information on Advantages and Disadvantages of ecommerce . Retrieved :December 17 ,2007 from HYPERLINK “http /www .ecommerceprogram .com /ecommerce /Ecommerce-Advantages- “http /www .ecommerceprogram .com /ecommerce /Ecommerce-Advantages- Disadvantages .asp…

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