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Japan – United Arab Emirates Economic system

Running head : Japan – United Arab Emirates Economic System Japan – United Arab Emirates Economic system Name College Japan – United Arab Emirates Economic system Introduction The economy of a country is hugely pegged on Energy and Agriculture among other facets that characterize the growth of an economy . Energy is the dynamic indicator of the developmental level of countries . Eastern Asian countries are currently at acceleration in economic growth . Energy has been a key factor especially on the issue of renewable energy versus the crude oil use in fueling these economies . The UAE is currently contemplating the development of peaceful nuclear power energy that will be safe and secure . In fact , the US supports the UEA nuclear energy use .Japan imports 99 of its crude oil . Japan ‘s dependence on imported Fossil oil illustratively shows that in 2001 , 50 .1 of all energy sources came from oil , 16 .8 from coal and 13 .6 from natural gas while nuclear energy contributed 14 .4 of all of Japan ‘s energy needs (ENS ,2006 .Thus , due to the above shortcomings , Japan had to seek a new energy source and this led to adoption of renewable energy . The country is a leader in wind energy , solar energy and hydro energy . In fact , the country hopes that by 2020 , about 20 of its internal energy use ought to be sourced from renewable energy sources . In the event of oil depletion , UAE should be ready to choose between nuclear or renewable energy and at the same avoid Japan…

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