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positive and negative effects of globalization on american culture

The Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization on American Culture The issue on globalization has always focused on the economic , labor and trade effects of liberalized trade which evidently solicited a variety of views that echo in the news and people ‘s opinion . The effect of globalization , however , is not only limited to the aspects of economy and finances where such unsettled issues as outsourcing , harmonization of currencies , and growing power of multinational companies around the globe have become preferential centers of debate . Globalization also has influential and major non-economic impacts . These non-economic implications include the cultural effects of globalization on the different nations and cultures that have embraced it . The American nation , whose central government has been among the prime movers of free trade and globalization today is in no way culturally unaffected by the advent of globalization . As such , this paper attempts to explain how globalization affects the American culture and further seeks to identify the negative and positive effects of globalization on the American culture .What is Globalization ?Globalization , which is generally associated with free trade , is the harmonization of the different economic , political and cultural systems of countries around the world . While globalization and free trade have been generally used interchangeably , free trade specifically refers to the removal of trade barriers that used to make imported goods and services prohibitive in a given market . As for globalization , there has been difficulty as to the correct and proper definition of the word but the description of Rosenau can be appropriately adopted to describe globalization with respect to its cultural effects : “Any technological , psychological , social , economic , or political developments that foster the expansion of interests and practices beyond established boundaries are both sources and expressions of the processes of globalization (Goodhart , 2001 .“The Effects of Globalization ‘ “page_ 2 ‘Globalization , as such , makes the isolation of states and cultures difficult today . In so doing , globalization brings with it implications that can have both positive and negative impacts on the American culture .Positive Effects of Globalization on American Culture Globalization bridges gap between the American culture and that of the other nations . The removal of trade barriers and harmonization of national elements such as currency , language and policies will promote communication and discourse among nations through which cultural differences , especially among those in trading blocs and between trading partners , will be better dealt with . The trend of interdependence in goods and services among globalized nations will spur more talks and therefore , more understanding of other nations ‘ cultures . Globalization will therefore bring solution to the cultural differences between America and that of the other nations for reason that an exposure to America ‘s culture can bring about other nation ‘s understanding and acceptance of it . This mends the gap that has been the consequential effect of the diversity of nations and cultures .Globalization can help Americans gain insights from the other cultures of the world . Globalization will introduce America to other cultures that are similarly rich in history and significance . Through…

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