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Laptops should be banned from the classroom because they hinder rather than promote learning.

Name :Tutor :Course :University :Date :Laptops Should Be Banned From The Classroom . The advent of technology in the classroom was a major breakthrough in the education sector . Use of laptops has indeed become one of the most celebrated achievements of the 21st century . By using internet connection , students are able to link up with what is referred to as Connected Learning Community or e-learning . Students are able to see what other colleges are offering for the same courses and can compare their notes with those of other colleges . Laptop use in classes has made easier to do researches as databases and libraries are available online .Teacher can send class notes via computer and then students share those files thereby avoiding time wastage by reading them out so that students can take notes . Though laptops have a number of advantages , there has been a lot of complains from various lectures who say they interfere with normal learning in classrooms . In other words , instead of laptops promoting and enhancing learning they hinder it and it is for this reason that this research paper will focus on the reasons why laptop use in classroom should be banned completely . There are few researches that have been done on the reasons why laptops should be banned and for this reason the available information is limited but the few that have been done show that laptops should not be used in classes in that they distract students from concentrating .According to one study , students experience uncontrollable…

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