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LOOKING AT THE WHOLE PICTURE The LOOKING AT THE WHOLE PICTURE really does contain just about everything you need to know for an admission of a child into a school .The paper consists of Eligibility , Annual Review , Assessment ,Competencies , Goals /Objectives , Services Needed , Duration of services ,and progress measured and these are the most required guidelines for the ADMISSION , REVIEW , and DISMISSAL PROCESS .The Guide given explains how an IEP (individualized educational program )is developed , parent ‘s rights and responsibilities in the process and information about the ARD meetings . The procedural safeguards document is written in English and Spanish , defines common terms and explains some rights related to the activities and areas that effect student ‘s educational programs and services . The scheduling an ARD meeting which specifies when is an ARD meeting necessary ? When is written notice required for an ARD meeting ? When may the requirement for written notice be waived ? All provides sufficient information and exposure to the parents to participate and involve in their child ‘s ARD meeting . Finally the ARD meeting agenda consists of : introduction , purpose of the meeting , interpreter (if needed , review of assessment data ,determination of eligibility , competencies /needs , determination of services to be provided , summarize recommendations , assurances ,signatures and adjourn meeting .All this is essential for the parents to understand and maintain a good relation with the organization for the betterment of their children ‘s future . It should be noted that the first section covers the goals and objectives of ARD process , the paper then goes on , topic by topic in order to make parents understand how an admission process is to be done and how relations is to be maintained to get a better output from their children .References The Admission , Review and Dismissal (ARD ) Process , PDF from net . The ARD process PAGE 1…

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