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Convergence and the effects of technology on the traditional models of Mass Communication

Convergence and the effects of technology on the traditional models of Mass Communication “The Medium is the Message ‘ – McLuhan 1964 The creed of McLuhan invented in the early 20th century defines how important the high-paced and advanced development in information and technology had affected even one of the most vital aspect in the lives of the society communication .Mass communication theories are explanations and predictions of social phenomena that can be attributed to the different mass communication processes and its affect in our personal and cultural lives , as well as the social systems and functions we daily observe . ADDIN EN .CITE Baran20021 144Baran , S .J .San Jose State University Theories of Mass Communication :Media Literacy and CultureMedia Literacy and Culture2002March 6http /highered .mcg raw-hill .com /sites /mcgraw-hillhttp /highered .mcgraw-hillEnglish (Baran ) mass communication is a development in the conception of the concept of communication itself .From the simplest form of communication process derived by Aristotle having three main components the source , the message and the participants , it had evolved and included more complex and explanatory parts of its process . One of which that can serve as a guide in this assignment is Kincaids ‘s Covergence Model made in 1979 . As we analyze researched materials regarding convergence and the effects of technology in mass communication theories , we must first define the key terms used in our analysis , namely convergence , technology and mass communication .Convergence is a vital concept debated and discussed today in the society . As we transcend into a generation with high and fast paced technology influence , convergence ‘s definition is still not settled into a concrete and viable definition . One which we can provide defines convergence as integrating computing , telecommunications , and media in a digitalized environment . ADDIN EN .CITE Pavlik2004556Pavlik , J ,McIntosh , S .Converging Media : An Introduction to Mass Communication2004BostonPearsons Education Inc .EnglishMa rch 6 (Pavlik ) There are still many issues surrounding the concept of convergence and communication and how it may be analyzed in a homogenous concept , but for the purpose of the assignment , we will rely on this simple definition .Technology is the employment of equipments and products of newly found science . In this generation , there has been a concrete evidence of technological advancement which encompass different fields and aspects in the society . Technology may be viewed as an aid and as a challenge to the life of society . It is of general knowledge that even if technology simplifies our lives , it evokes a sense of complication as various issues and complications may arose from adopting technology . As a major factor and influent of the society , it also has some effect on the communication process . Its affects on mass communication and the theories will be further explained in the succeeding paragraphs .Mass communication involves the simple elements in the communication process , although there are vital employments of other factors . The first one being the medium in which messages are carried and the difference between the quantity of the receivers of the message , defined by the term “mass…

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