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Genogram Research Project

Running Head : GENOGRAM RESEARCH Genogram Research Project in PSY 4402 Name of Student Name of University Genogram Research Project A genogram is a pictorial display of a patient ‘s HYPERLINK /wiki /Family_relationships ” family relationships and HYPERLINK /wiki /Medical_history ” medical history . It goes beyond a traditional HYPERLINK /wiki /Family_tree ” family tree by allowing the user to visualize hereditary patterns and psychological factors that punctuate relationships . It can be used to identify repetitive patterns of behavior and to recognize hereditary tendencies .Genograms were first developed and popularized in clinical settings by Monica McGoldrick and Randy Gerson through the publication of a book titled Genograms : Assessment and Intervention in 1985 . Monica McGoldrick and her colleagues at the Multicultural Family Institute of New Jersey have pioneered the use of genograms as a diagnostic tool , and as a method of helping families see patterns within their past and present .Genograms are now used by various groups of people in a variety of fields such as HYPERLINK /wiki /Medicine ” medicine , HYPERLINK /wiki /Psychology ” psychology , HYPERLINK /wiki /Social_work ” social work , research , HYPERLINK /wiki /Education ” education , and many more . The genogram for many years has been used as a tool to facilitate counseling in family therapy . Counselors use genograms to gather objective and consistent information from the clients and their family ,helping them to view the client ‘s issues in the larger context of their marital relationship , family relationships and culture of origin and underlining key issues to discuss in client HYPERLINK /wiki /Psychotherapy ” counseling . The organization of the genogram and its use of handy symbols permit the therapist and the patient to quickly identify and understand patterns in family history .Genograms portray emotional relationships , which allow counselors to see and evaluate possible conflicts within the family . I believe genograms play a vital role in counseling . If I were a counselor , I would use genograms to help me acquire more objective and the necessary information that are needed for the counseling process .Knowing more about my client ‘s family history will help me understand each patients better and will give me a basis for the counseling process . I can do my job well and I can cater to the specific needs of my patients . I can use genogram to incorporate family dynamics and psychosocial issues into my counseling approach . I tried my best to dig deeper in to my family history but I was able to reach just four generations . My genogram is mostly from my mother ‘s side . I grew up without a father so I don ‘t know much about him . I haven ‘t met any relatives from his side . I got some information about my father ‘s family just through my mother . Below is my family history .Medical and Mental Health My family from the mother side has a history of diabetes and hypertension . My great grandfather suffered from Type 2 diabetes mellitus as well as hypertension that resulted to his death . My grandfather ‘s sister almost suffered the same fate but eventually died of…

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