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Instructional and Management Plan

With a classroom of 25 students of some variety , there are some major considerations to keep in mind . Some of the considerations are , of course , modifications for the ESL student and the Gifted /Talented student . The ADHD kids need a little more structure and very clear guidelines like the music cue . The teacher will pay special attention to these students and have a visual one on one cue for these students to get back on task . Seating arrangements are a major consideration for different kinds of activities . Differentiation needs to be given some thought as well as classroom management techniques for differentiation . First , I will be teaching an English /Language Arts lesson during the middle of a science fiction lesson for Ray Bradbury ‘s science fiction book Fahrenheit 451 . The students will be glancing at a list of five questions and then jotting down answers individually first . We will then form random groups using something like birthdays to group students . They will share their answers with the group and come to some sort of consensus . This is a modification of Think Pair Share as well as a modification of literature circles because every student in the group will have an assigned role . When a music cue sounds , they will move out of their groups into assigned learning stations that they have self-selected where they will spend the remaining time . This anchor activity will be planning involved in the topic they have self selected . The teacher will attempt to verbally conference with every student very briefly . If they finish this activity , they will move back to their seats for independent reading of their science fiction novel . Classroom seating arrangements will be conducive to groups of four with the learning stations set up on the perimeter of the room . Probably small tables with chairs will be provided for the group work . Possibly there will be more than one student at each learning station , which will be tables set up around the perimeter of the room . Each learning station will contain a specific sheet that contains information to plan how they will complete that particular activity . Each student will need to fill out that sheet individually for their own individualized plan .The teacher will circulate among all groups for both activities , asking questions and prompting better planning . The grouping for the first activity will be random . That way each group will have an equal chance to do well on the questions . Hopefully the ADHD students will not be in the same group . If they are , the teacher will pay special attention to that group . For the learning stations , since the topics are self-selected , the activities for ADHD will be more kinesthetic than the others as the teacher will have guided these students toward those activities . The major instructional methods used here are cooperative learning and differentiation . Individual modifications will be made to the student with a learning disability , the ADHD students , the gifted student and the ESL student . The learning disabled student and…

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