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Interrelation of student error, student and teacher misconceptions, and instructional activities in math.

Running Head : Interrelation of Student Error , Student and Teacher Misconceptions and Instructional Activities in Math .Name :University :Course :Tutor :Date :In the 1980 ‘s and 1990 ‘s teachers and researchers examined the problem saving issue among students . A math problem can be described as an item in which structures of words and the words themselves can create problems . For one to solve a math problem it is necessary for them to carefully analyze and interpret the given information for better understanding in decision making .Research can confirm that students are very expressive of the fact that they do not like fractions and other kinds of rational numbers like percentages and decimals . As students learn mathematics the understanding they get on what they are being taught can be very different from what the teachers expect . Students always get the wrong ideas of what is being taught to them . This is one of the major challenges for teachers in understanding the ideas the students come up with and deciding what to do about them .Learners are oftenly presented with the problem of making sense of their experiences , experiences from school and the outside environment and this always leads to them making mistakes (Elaydi , Titi , Saleh Abu-Saris , 2002 . These are honest attempts to capture the essence of what they are learning . Mistakes can be divided into two as misconceptions and as errors . Mistakes can be done through errors , hasty reasoning , loss of concentration and also when one fails to notice the importance of…

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