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observation on aggression and gender differences in playground

observation on aggression and gender differences in playground Study Overview Aggression and violence are two common terms normally associated to adults and teenagers . The two items stated require physical capacity and certain degree of negative emotion that lead to adversity . These stereotyping secludes one stage of human development on having the ability to attain such characteristics . This stage pertains to childhood . Children ‘s vulnerability and innocent image set them apart from the idea of aggression and violence . However , studies show that aggression of a child towards his environment and society do exist .According to Frick (1994 ) and Lynam (1996 , a child ‘s aggression is a symptom of a developing psychopathic trait of a human being which is tackled by the Interpersonal Aggression Model . Children ‘s aggression is considered as an extension of Hare ‘s Psychopathy Checklist specifically under the Conduct Disorder (CD ) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD .Although the term psychopathy is used to delimit the meaning of children ‘s aggression , it does not basically follow that the child exhibiting aggression will end up to be a psychopath or a mentally impaired individual . Hence , this study is conducted to observe , analyze ,and to confirm that children ‘s interpersonal relationship may include aggression .The observation for the study was conducted on a group of three kids comprising of two boys and one girl whose ages range from five to six years old . The study took place in Quail Botanical gardens in Carlsbad ,California on November 19 , 2006 at 4 :30 – 5 :30 P .M . The children were observed at approximately five to six meters away from the observer to avoid conscious interactions of the subjects . The children were not identified with their real names in this study for their privacy and confidentiality . However , this study will label the three subjects with aliases simply to identify the doer of the action as well as to avoid confusion in the analysis . The children were not closely supervised by their parents as they play in the area . Their group were slightly isolated from the whole group of kids who were in the park . The group was playing beside the swing . The two boys will be labelled as Matt and Andrew for this study while the girl will be labelled as Mae . The observer arrived when the children were already playing . Children Social Interaction Its Cognitive and Emotional Explanation According to the magazine article “The New Sex Scorecard ‘ by Marano ,the difference of male and female starts biologically at the moment of conception . As the body progresses , the mental development also changes which eventually affects the preferences of the individual as manifested in every body and brain system . Thus , the attitude of the individual is shown through the behaviour or on how they react on certain circumstances . This supports the idea that a child of a specific gender also exercises preference to whom to interact with . Matt was playing by himself initially . Andrew was near Mae but was not paying attention to Mae . As observed…

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