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One Court case that has influenced Least Restrictive Environment

Least Restrictive Environment Case One case that involved the issue about Least Restrictive Environment (LRE ) is that of Doe v . Arlington County (1 F .SUPP . 599 [1999] . In this case , parents of Jane Doe filed an action against the respondent claiming that the placement for their child was inconsistent with IDEA which requires that disabled students should be educated to the “maximum extent appropriate in the regular classroom with non-disabled children (1 F .SUPP . 599 [1999] .Through the decision of the Court , the meaning of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE ) has significantly been changed . From the decision on this case and on other cases , it is seemingly that the court has been deviating from the definition of LRE which is “an inclusive placement as a matter of right and a matter of law (1 F .SUPP . 599 [1999] .Instead , LRE has been defined according to the provisions of IDEA which states that “students with disabilities should be educated with their non-disabled peers to the maximum extent appropriate (1 F .SUPP . 599 [1999] .Hence , by this definition , parents and school ‘s perception of LRE changed . At the same time , parents cannot demand LRE or placement according to their understanding . Instead , the evaluation of the needs of the child , as a required process in IDEA , must be upheld . In the case of the appellant , the placement was found proper as it is beneficial to the child ‘s needs . Apart from that , the IDEA has been enacted to address the needs of the disabled…

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