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A Research Proposal on the Perceptions of 12th Grade Students Regarding Examination Malpractice in Nigeria Secondary Schools Nature of the Problem For a significant number of years , Nigeria has been facing alarming forms of malpractices that is being perpetuated in the conduct of examinations at almost all levels of its educational institutions . In effect of this , credibility in certification exams has been declining significantly . According to Fagbemi (1998 ) government functionalities , school authorities , invigilators , examiners , parents and students are all seen to be perpetrators of such a malpractice (p .13 . In effect of this , examination malpractice in the country have paved the way for a significant percentage of the Nigerian population ,most especially among the sophisticated part of the social strata to question papers from examination bodies or bank officials wherein question papers have been provided to them for safe keeping (Balogun 1999 , p . 110 .The act of education malpractice in Nigeria becomes more complicated as some parents were reportedly purchasing question papers from examination bodies or bank officials . Other than this , multiple registrations of candidates are also seen and these incidences go as far as female examinees inserting their pictures in their examination scripts with self-addressed envelopes , implying a willing invitation from examiners (Ene and Ursula , 1998 , p . 15-18 . Syndicates have also been capitalizing in the practice as there have been special centers which are reported to write the examination for candidates themselves through coordination of various officials from exam bodies ‘ with the help of corrupt school administrators . Some students…

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