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Argumentative Essay Against Drinking and Driving

[Name] [Professor /Teacher] [Subject] [Date of Submission] Drinking and Driving : Two Distinct Elements That Never Fit Together Thesis Statement : As the cases of drunk driving rapidly rise over time as one of the fast growing societal dilemma , more firm and stricter rules should be emphasized on books and in the academe to control such repetitive drunk driving offenses . Having a car whether all shiny-brand-new or second-grade , as well as a legitimate and official driver ‘s license have been status symbol which have been subject of dreams and aspirations of many young adults and teenagers . Having these things seems to bring a person to higher economic level in the society giving that individual a certain feel of power , pride and authority on the road . In connection , this feel of power and authority can also bizarrely be felt and acquired though half-consciously through the influence of alcohol . As most of the usual experiences imply , a person under the influence of alcohol tends to somehow act more confident and proud him /herself and also tends to lose control of some things that has to be managed and controlled like one ‘s behavior and attitude on the road . Driving and drinking may possibly , on some extent , provide similar levels of confidence and pride in an individual . However , as what current societal rules and norms inform ,having these two things at the same time on the road is never a good idea . But no matter how bad the results of these two things appear ,there…

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