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Compare and contrast between Elizabeth Bennet of pride and the prejudice and fanny price of Mansfield Park

Ostentatious Heroines : A Comparison of Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice and Fanny Price of Mansfield Park Fanny Price is one of the least-liked Jane Austen heroines . Elizabeth Bennet , on the other hand , is one of the most of these heroines . Perhaps almost every reader of Austens ‘ novels would wish to be Elizabeth Bennet but not Fanny Price . Their personalities are almost completely opposite .While Elizabeth Bennet is witty , vivacious , and opinionated , Fanny Price is timid , silent and reserved . Still , many readers see parallels in the stories of both these characters especially , in terms of the developing relationships : Henry Crawford pursues Fanny Price in the same way that Mr . Darcy pursues Elizabeth Bennet . Given those , the purpose of this paper is to argue that Elizabeth Bennet and Fanny Price are equally likable , the other triumphing where the other does not .It is often thought by many that Elizabeth Bennet is Jane Austen ‘s cleverest heroine . She appeals to modern readers because of her individuality . She rebels against her age ‘s notion of an “accomplished woman ‘ who , as Ms . Bingley lists ,must have a thorough knowledge of music , singing , drawing , dancing , and the modern languages , to deserve the word and besides all this , she must possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking , the tone of her voice , her address and expressions [ .] (29 .She remains independent although she does not cross the limits of propriety unlike her three silly sisters . She shows good sense . Her father respects her for it and acknowledges this in the occasion of Lydia ‘s elopement : “Lizzy , I bear you no ill-will for being justified in your advice to me last May , which considering the event , shews some greatness of mind (227 . She thrives in spite of the adversity of having no fortune or connections . But even with all these accomplishments , she is not without fault . She immediately becomes prejudiced against Mr . Darcy when she overhears him saying to Mr . Bingley : “She is tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt me and I am in no humour at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men (7-8 . That is because she is proud of her beauty and accomplishments . Through that statement , he has hurt her vanity . As a result , she easily believes Wickham ‘s story because “there was truth in his looks (65 . Mr . Darcy notices this early on at the Netherfield Ball when she comments :“[ .] I have always seen a similarity in the turn of our minds . – We each of an unsocial taciturn disposition , unwilling to speak unless we expect to say something that will amaze the whole room , and be handed down to the posterity with all the yclat of a proverb ‘“This is no very striking resemblance of your own character , I am sure [ .] How near may it be to mine , I cannot pretend to say . – You think it a faithful portrait undoubtedly (69-70 .But after she reads…

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