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Compare or contrast John Keats `Ode to a Nightingale` with Percy Shelleys `To a Skylark.`

[Name] [Professor /Instructor] [Subject] [Date of submission] Analysis and Comparison of John Keats ‘“Ode to a Nightingale ‘ and Percy Shelley ‘s “To a Skylark ‘The “Ode to a Nightingale ‘ by John Keats and “To a Skylark ‘ by Percy Shelley were two of the classic and traditional literary works people- who have particular inclination to nature , beauty and liberty- have come to admire . These two literary works were written reflections and expressions of nature ‘s beauty and irony , pain and joy of freedom , and the broadness and ambiguity of one ‘s imagination . However , although the poems have similarities in theme and subject , the texts contain very different modes of expression and structure .Being an ode , John Keats ‘ “Ode to a Nightingale ‘ was written to address a specific thing or object in this context , a nightingale , to which particular feelings of joy and grief are expressed . Throughout the poem , the poet consistently describes how well and charming the voice of the nightingale sounds and how well and light any person could feel by just hearing the nightingale ‘s song . However , on the first few stanzas , the nightingale appears to become a symbol which could either stand for the poet himself or the poet ‘s ideals . These meanings reflect the poet ‘s description of the bird ‘s voice which can signify his act of expression and the bird ‘s song as his ideology or poetry : “In some melodious plot . Of beechen green , and shadows numberless / Singest of summer in full-throated ease (Keats qtd…

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