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Critical Analysis of Bel Canto

(Full Name (Professor ‘s Name (Course /Subject Name (Professor ‘s Name )Analysis of Ann Patchett ‘s “Bel Canto In Ann Patchett ‘s novel , “Bel Canto ‘ various themes that are dramatic or psychological in content are explored . However , arguably the most notable among them is the strange nature and irony of fate , which also encompasses several sub-themes such as the abundance of passion and love in the face of death . These themes are highlighted mostly by the relationships between the characters and the development of their personalities .In general , the strange twist of fate is best depicted by the unusual relationships formed between the characters in the novel . These ties and bonds built can arguably be described unusual due to the backdrop of the story . Basically , the entire plot revolves around a terrorist group taking hostage various celebrities , politicians , and other prominent personalities for a several months while at the same time forming unique relationships with their victims in the process at the house of the vice-president of a Latin American country . Moreover , as the novel concludes , the so-called heroes or good guys aren ‘t exactly the ideal benevolent people one would expect and the villains or bad guys (Gioia n .p . Towards the end , the lines between the terrorists and the hostages are blurred as both groups become less hostile and friendlier to each other , which further added to the strange change in fate of the characters in the story . Ironically , it was as if all the hostages and the…

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