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Critical Analysis of Nathaniel Hawthornes `Young Goodman Brown`

[Student ‘s Full Name] [Name of Professor] [Subject /Course Code] [Date] Critical Analysis of Nathaniel Hawthorne ‘s “Young Goodman Brown ‘ Nathaniel Hawthorne ‘s story “Young Goodman Brown ‘ is a story of one man ‘s journey in the realization that what appears to be reality may not necessarily be the case . The story was set in Salem , Massachusetts during the height of the Puritan Period . This period in American history has been characterized as a time when religion strictly governed the lifestyles of each and every single individual . During this time , a member of a particular community is looked highly and favorably upon by people not by the wealth they possess or the businesses they run .Rather , he or she is considered to be highly regarded by the community based on his or her devoutness and ability to adhere with the norms of society and religion . Goodman Brown was just such an individual . He considered himself as a man who had come from “a race of honest men and good Christians , since the days of the martyrs (Hawthorne . As such , Goodman Brown had placed a high value for his devoutness and faith . This was clearly symbolized by the name of his wife , Faith , to whom he would often refer to throughout his journey as the reason why he had been kept from meeting the unknown figure in the forest at the scheduled time . The apprehension depicted in the story with regards to Brown in proceeding in his travel clearly depicts the…

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