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De-addiction Process

De-addiction Process Introduction What is a drug ? Any substance taken to modify perception , mood ,cognition , behavior or motor functions , is called a drug . The need for repeated doses of drug to feel good or to avoid feeling bad is a sign of dependence addiction . Repeated usage of a drug , results in reduced effects or tolerance , and greater doses are needed to have the same psychoactive effect . The present efforts made by various Government agencies , Non-Governmental Organizations , medical practitioners and philanthropists in the area of drug demand reduction (de-addiction ) are like blocking a furiously advancing avalanche with the fence of straw or try to touch the moon by kite-flying ! Or controlling the rising flood waters of the river by filling pitchers ! Statistical studies are no doubt needed to understand the position of any problem ,but it is no use digging the well when the house is on fire . When there is a war , the goal is to win the war , no matter how one wins . So , all out efforts are necessary to root out drug addiction . The initiatives should be implemented by honest people on a grand scale . The process of de-addiction from addiction is like driving a vehicle in the reverse gear .It is slow and has to be done with extra care !Are the present day de-addiction processes conducive to contain the drug-menace and have the intrinsic strength to make this world drug-free ? The first thing you need to understand about addiction is , drugs are basically `pain-killers . Drugs chemically `kill ‘ physical and emotional pain . For drugs to be attractive to a person there must be some underlying happiness , sense of hopelessness , insurmountable problems or even physical pain . Peer-pressure or sheer boredom can also be the factors in trying drugs , but these alone don ‘t cause addiction .When drug addicts are in the depths of their disease , they are notorious for becoming manipulative and devious in order to get what they want .Addicts lie they steal , borrow and do whatever they need in order to keep their addiction fed . They are often very intelligent and creative individuals with great potential . They begin to feel worst about themselves as a result of their current actions , so they do it again to forget about it . Eventually the cycle of addiction has progressed to the point where all they think about is the next dose of the drug .Nothing else mattes .no family , home , work , life , self-respect ,self-sufficiency or safety – nothing ! It isn ‘t long that the user moves into full-blown addiction , and feels the need to use the drug constantly . Drug menace is no more a regional or National problem . It is one of the gravest international issues . Drug-addition is like the octopus – growing fast in all the directions . The de-addiction process has several angles , and each individual has to be studied in detail , as for the backgrounder , before embarking upon the remedial measures . One of the important methods to make the individual addiction-free is the spiritual method , the importance of which…

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