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Desirees Baby

Running head : ON KATE CHOPIN ‘S “DESIREE ‘S BABY ‘On Kate Chopin ‘s “Desiree ‘s Baby ‘Full name of student Full name of school Name of Professor Name of Subject On Kate Chopin ‘s “Desiree ‘s Baby ‘ The short story by Kate Chopin was a good read . “Desiree ‘s Baby ‘suggested a period wherein slavery was still being practiced , and the discrimination against the black people are rampant . This cruelty crawls even to the different relationships evident in the story . Armand Aubigny , Desiree ‘s husband , was described to be more vicious than his father when it came to their slaves . But when he married Desiree , and had a son with her , his attitude was lofty and seemingly unbelievable . However , the story turned to a worse setting . Desiree ‘s baby have the blood of the negro in his veins . Armand was furious and almost became an evil being to everyone in the resident . The story said that he didn ‘t even seem human when he was with his wife . He felt betrayed and hurt knowing that he has a son who ‘s blood was spoiled with the negro lineage . That lineage could only come from his wife . Desiree left the household after having her heart and sanity battered . The author suggested that she lost all sense and did not even return to her mother ‘s home with the baby . Weeks later , Armand had all belongings which reminded him of hurtful memories burned in a bonfire . Every intricate piece of garment , even those expensive ones , were never given a second chance . Everything was burned except for one letter written by his mother . The letter wrote the truth , and perhaps the reason for feeling worse now than the news about his son . He read that it was he who carried the negro lineage , as his real mother was a black woman . The story ended with this unexpected outcome . This worthwhile story suggested three terms used in literature which the author used to exemplify the literary terms applied by Chopin are denouement , point of view , and figurative language . Denouement refers to the final result of the conflict . In the story , it seemed that the story would have ended when Armand had a bonfire to dispose of the memories he had . In the course of the story , it seemed logical to have the story end in that tone . However , when the audience was told that it was actually him who was part black , the story was raised to a higher level . The twist was composed in perfect timing . The writer was able to maximize the emotions evoked by the story . It gave justice to Desiree ‘s existence as it pointed out who the real antagonist was . The point of view used in the narration added depth to the whole story .This element in literature allows readers to take the story from different perspectives . In this case , the third person point of view detached the readers from the characters , but completely involved them with the story…

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