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Explain how The Song of Roland illustrates the areté of the Christian warrior.

The Song of Roland There are two opposite characters in the “The Song of Roland : Roland representing the image of Christian warrior and Ganelon symbolizing the image of treachery and dishonesty . The image of Roland is transformed into the image of epic hero being the model of knight for new Crusades .Roland is considered the symbol of Christian warrior . However , he is too bold and hot-tempered and thus he is strongly criticized by his friends .Compared with Oliver , Roland isn ‘t wise enough , though he is undeniable the most glamorous held in the poem . For example , the scene of his death is the most powerful scene in the French literature , because Roland ‘s soul is escorted by the angels to the Heavens . It goes without saying that Roland is loyal and devoted to Charlemagne and it his best quality as a Christian warrior . Furthermore , Roland is apparently a perfect vassal . For example , he says to Oliver that every warrior has to know his duty and to protect king if necessary at the cost of life . Roland thinks that a real warrior has to beard hardships “for his lord , stand everything , the great heat , the great cold , lose the hide and hair on him for his good lord (lines 1009-1012 . Therefore it is seen that Roland is brave , courageous and strong being an expert fighter .Nevertheless , his pride is a fatal flaw (The Song of Roland )Compared with Roland , Ganelon can be considered his complete antipode .Though in the beginning of the poem he is presented as a Christian warrior , later he demonstrates meanness and jealousy . Ganelon is also a great traitor of Christianity because of his treachery . In the end of the poem Ganelon is seen as vengeful character that is willing to “wage a never-ending blood feud with Roland . Factually , Ganelon betrays the Christian when trying to save his own life . Ganelon can ‘t be treated as Christian warrior , because he thinks his own life is more important that that of his master ‘s . Therefore Ganelon is the symbol of Judas in the poem (The Song of Roland )In conclusion it is necessary to say that Roland is a real Christian warrior , because he values the life of his lord above , though he surely lacks wisdom .References Scott-Moncrieff , C . K (translt (1959 . The Song of Roland . Ann Arbor ,MI : University of Michigan Press . PAGE PAGE 1 The Song of Roland…

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