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Genetic Engineering/Cloning/Test Tube babies

Genetic Engineering [Insert Name (s ) of Author (s ) here] [Insert institution information here] [Insert date here] Genetic engineering : current status Since the time when there was a heightened media exposure of Dolly -the first cloned sheep – it seems that the issue of genetic engineering has never withered . In fact , the debates surrounding the hybrid of science and technology are far from over as latest innovations in genetic engineering , especially in the field of cloning , are being introduced periodically “Scientists at the Roslin Institute in Scotland Clone Sheep Named Dolly , February 24 , 1997 . In terms of cloning ,continuous research is being made as a growing number of experiments are being undertaken in order to refine the process of generating an organism with similar DNA to that of the parent gene . In more recent times , human cloning beyond the embryonic stage has seen a glimmer of success as evidence to its continued developments . Yet it appears that some of these claims of success are merely unverified information . For instance , Dr . Brigitte Boisselier wrote in a letter addressed to the United Nations back in December 2004 that Cloinad was able to clone 13 children . However , Dr . Boisselier claims that the real identities of the purported `cloned children ‘ cannot be revealed to the public in order to protect the welfare and interests of the children (Petechuck . Led by Hwang Woo-Suk in Seoul National University of North Korea , a team of scientists were able to have grown 30 cloned human embryos which have reached up to 1 week of maturity in the same year . Moreover , the team of scientists claims to have been able to harvested stem cells from the cloned human embryos “South Korean Scientists Claim to Have Cloned Human Embryos , February 12 , 2004 . It seems that the current status of genetic engineering is yet to ripen as current efforts to expand the knowledge of mankind with regard to cloning are still being refined . For the most part , efforts from various parts of the globe are further exploring the field of cloning .Cloning of plants , animals , and even humans : possible ? It is a fact that lower forms of animals and plants were among the earlier test subjects for cloning as their genetic composition are observed to be with relative ease in terms of genetically using their DNA as the foundation for the replication of the same genes . Sheep and monkeys and other mammals were already cloned in the past . In terms of plant propagation , cloning has been adopted in order to facilitate and heighten the production rate of certain plants by altering some of their genetic makeup (Hoyle . Hence , the cloning of plants and animals is already beyond the realm of impossibility as previous efforts were already made and that these efforts were met corresponding success . As to humans , the future of cloning remains to be seen . Nevertheless , current researches and experiments are confined to replicating certain human genes in order to `cultivate ‘ body organs as replacement for malfunctioning organs of the body . The…

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