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Heredity or Environment? The Case of Oskar and Jack, Identical Twins

Heredity or Environment ?Heredity is defined as the passing traits to offspring . If to use medical terms heredity is the process by which an offspring cells becomes predisposed to the characteristics of its parent organism . In such a way individuals cause species to evolve . Environment is surrounding in which a person lives and develops . The question is whether environment affects heredity or maybe heredity affects environment . I think that environment is important factor that impacts heredity and affects human development . Nevertheless , heredity and environment are likely to be interrelated as they influence each other .This question is not settled , but it seems that it is heredity that establishes physical and mental abilities of the person , whereas it is environment that shapes basic orientation to life .The environment is assumed to be able to re-draw what is drawn by heredity . For example , the case of Oscar and Jack shows that identical twins , brought up in different environment , possess different traits and different characters . Two embryos are divided by one fertilized egg and if it is heredity that determines personality and attitudes , boys should have been fully identical meaning they should have the same temperament ,skills , and intelligence . The case shows far-reaching effects of how environment re-shapes what is set by heredity . We see that biology is overridden by social experiences and environment in which a person is raised . Oscar was born in Czechoslovakia he learned to love Hitler and to hate Jews as Hitler annexed the region in those times . Jack was raised in Trinidad he was loyal to Jews and hated the Nazi and the Hitler . Nevertheless , researchers have revealed that both boys were good in sports and weak in math . We see that identical twins , reared apart ,may have different attitudes , temperament and skills as they are brought up in different environment . If twins are brought up in the same environment , they will likely to posses similar traits . The conclusion is that heredity establishes physical and mental abilities of the person , whereas environment that shapes attitudes and social experiences . PAGE PAGE 1…

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