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Summary of `Salvation` by Langston Hughes

[author] [class] [professor] [date] Summary of Langston Hughes ‘ “Salvation ‘ During a week-long spiritual revival at Langston ‘s Auntie Reed ‘s local church , Langston , who is just thirteen , finds the salvation of the Lord but not in the fashion that he has expected . The week long revival is punctuated by much elated singing , preaching , and worshipping , and it has resulted in conversions that phenomenally multiplied the membership of the church . As part of the event , the pastor leads an evangelistic service especially for the children in hopes that they would come to Christ and be saved . Auntie Reed brings Langston to the mourner ‘s chair where the pastor prays over for them . As a child , Langston was taught by his aunt and some of the church elders that when one is about to be saved , one would see Jesus coming to him as a bright light to reside in his heart for the rest of eternity .He believed this story . He believed the words of the elders and continues to believe so . He sits patiently on the mourner ‘s chair ,sincerely waiting for the arrival of his Savior . The preacher drowns the church hall with thunderous whining about hell and the love of Jesus that seeks out every child in the congregation . He admonishes them to march forward and be saved . Some of the children respond , but a few ones remain . Church members surround those who remained with spiritual songs as they coax them out of their chairs .Despite these compelling…

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