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The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Name Professor Subject Date The Love Song of J . Alfred Prufrock Questions : Do you think this work actually is a love poem ? Are there any life lessons that can be exacted from examining Prufrock ‘s life ? The poem has themes that revolve around self-doubt and a rather pessimistic view of the future . The poem itself is a lyrical representation of the life of a middle-class person who addresses the reader to relieve his experiences in the city . As the poem progresses ,the lyrical description of the street becomes vivid and the mood of pessimism becomes more pronounced . The title itself is ironic , as the word `love song ‘ is somehow a misleading concept of love . The poem however , does not try to implicate a romanticized view of love but rather a realistic and ironic view of life . T .S . Eliot uses a style that puts life as it is . The representation of life in his writings are beautiful and suggestive but “the representation does no pretend to embrace the whole of life and what he says is memorable for its admitted incompleteness (Moody , 109 .The poem starts with a reference to the reader “Let us go then , you and I (Eliot 5 ) as the author intends to take the reader to an experiential journey over lyrical irony . Pessimism is the first theme that meets the reader head on , as Eliot utilizes a idyllic comparison of an evening sky to a “patient etherized upon a table (Eliot , 5 . The first two stanzas present a complete contrast of emotions for the reader , presenting a rather realistic or aesthetic metaphor for an evening sky . What Eliot refers to this passage is more of the feeling of being `etherized ‘ that he compares to the night . It is more of a feeling of deep content , but not entirely happiness or elation . The passage implies a brooding sense of melancholy , which is trascient in the further passages . Eliot then describes the city streets at that time of night : “Let us go , through certain half-deserted streets , the muttering retreats , of restless nigh in one-night cheap hotels (Eliot , 5 . He invites the reader to move on , to rid of the fantasies portrayed by the usual evening sky as he tries to give a more hard and descriptive feature of the city , which is reality . The mention of `one-night cheap hotels ‘ and `half-deserted streets ‘ is a continuation of the pessimistic theme from the second line of the poem . The tone however , is portrayed as it is , as Eliot tries to convey a more realistic message rather than a dim view of society . This shares some reference over Dante Alghieri ‘s Inferno where the character travels to the many circles of hell . On the poem however , the character Prufrock ‘s hell is the city as referenced in the aforementioned passages .Prufrock ‘s character is melancholic and self-pitying as found in the passages , as he tries to avoid contentment with ignorance . His detachment from the world is his only hope as the…

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