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The purpose of this essay is to develop an argument about a literary work (William Faulkner`s `Barn Burning`) that can successfully persuade the reader towards your thesis.

Name of Student :Name of Professor :Name of Subject :Date : Topic : William Faulkner`s `Barn Burning William ‘s Faulkner ‘s “Barn Burning ‘ will confirm the prevalence of moral order over any other order , so that where conflict exists between truth and blood , truth prevails . Although it could be invoked that blood is thicker than water , it is also counter argued that water is wider than blood . There is therefore no substitute for choosing what is right under all circumstances . Discussion of “Barn Burning ‘ will illustrate in reality the truth of the proposition as it tries to persuade that there is in fact basis to believe and adhere to such proven universality of truth . One argument to support the thesis of this paper is the fact the moral duty occupies higher ground than duty to parents . Doing what is right may result to disobeying parents as long the person exercising the responsibility knows what is right . Such is the case in point in the Faulker ‘s “Barn Burning ” which is a story of an adolescent boy named Sartoris Snopes (or Sarty as hereinafter called ) who is made to appear in court , hoping he will not have to testify in the arson case against his father (Mr . Snopes . Sarty knew that his father Mr . Snopes was absolutely guilty of arson but whoever judge will handle the case now was not an easy thing for Sarty to handle and could still be considered by Sarty as his enemy since the very person to be convicted and was facing the risk of punishment is his very father . Must not Sarty as a son still have to maintain some loyalty given the relationship being by blood ? Has that point of testifying against one ‘s father come Sarty ?Has he has not yet separated himself from his father ? What must he do ?Answering these challenging questions require going deeper what really happened in the story . Before proceeding to some of details of the story , it is best to express for the meantime the argument for upholding the prevalence of moral duty over loyalty to one ‘s father . It may thus be argued that that fulfillment of moral duty would lead eventually to independence of a person . Independence is the price for making difficult choices for which Sarty is also subject in the story . After laying the arguments to support the thesis there is still need to define some terms as used in the thesis for purpose of clarity .What are the separate meanings of duty to parents , moral duty and independence ? Duty to parents is the obligation to obey parents with due all due consideration and respect by reason of the natural relationship . Moral duty is the capacity to choose what is right over what is wrong under all circumstances . Independence as defined connotes freedom from coercion in making difficult choices and a declaration by a person ‘s individual responsibility for his or her decision . After the definitions , the arguments may now be supported with important parts…

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