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What caused the downfall of Oedipus? Was it the Gods or himself and why?

What caused the downfall of Oedipus ? Was it the Gods or himself and why ?The issues connected with religious roles and the roles of gods were relevant during the fifth century among Athenians . Along with development of humanism , a lot of people , especially those , who occupied high positions in Athens , started to consider themselves independent from the gods and their will . The controversy whether the lives of humans depend on fate or their free will was really strong . In the paper we are going to consider this problem related to the tragedy Oedipus Rex by Sophocles and will try to prove that Gods and Oedipus contributed to his tragic flaw equally .In the year 428 BC Sophocles produced his famous tragedy “Oedipus the King . This tragedy was written the first but in reality presents the second tragedy of the three Theban plays . Most of the critics , including Aristotle considered the play the greatest tragedy that was ever written . Aristotle presented all his ideas about Greek tragedies in his well-known work “Poetics . The way he related “pity and fear ‘ to “catharsis ‘ caused a lot of controversial questions for Western philosophers , namely about the strong attraction of the tragedies and hard fates of tragic heroes for the audience . Aristotle provided his explanation based on the three elements : emotional connection , built between a tragic hero and the audience , fear of the audience of the hero ‘s tragic downfall and the sympathy of the audience towards the suffering hero (Dallas , 18 . Aristotle also worked out the main principles for characterization of the tragic hero and the main elements helping to define the real tragic hero of a play , they are : hamartia ,hubris , anagnorisis , peripeteia , nemesis and catharsis . It seems necessary to briefly explain their main meanings : hamartia – a serious mistake , which is the main reason of downfall of the hero , this mistake is often made because of hubris – extreme pride , after the downfall the hero learns a lesson or makes a discovery – this is defined by the notion anagnorisis , reversal of fortune was called peripeteia , nemesis -meant some circumstances , which the hero could not avoid , practically his fate (Aristotle , 13 . The last one – catharsis – denotes the feeling of fear and pity experienced by the audience , in closing this should be a person who is “between these extremes . a person who is neither perfect in virtue and justice , nor one who falls into misfortune through vice and depravity , but rather , one who succumbs through some miscalculation (Aristotle , 18 .Most critics agree that Oedipus is the ideal tragic hero . Indeed , if to evaluate the correspondence of Oedipus to the characteristics of Aristotle , he meets all the parameters . Aristotle stated , that the audience ought to see the tragic hero as “larger and better version of themselves (Aristotle , 38 . In fact Oedipus was able to earn this respect , his nobility was out of question as he was born in a royal family , although raised by adoptive parents , who were also the King and Queen of Corinth , and finally…

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