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why we abuse our children?

Name Professor Course 8 March 2008 Why We Abuse Our Children Even before the 19th century , Rev . Benjamin Waugh of England has indicated facts that were prevalent in the West , especially concerning children who were adopted or separated from their families . At a paper he wrote for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in the year 1889 , he described specifically the cases :“[L]aying a baby close to the fire to get rid of it through thirst .strapping a deaf and dumb boy because it was so extremely difficult to make him understand drawing a red-hot poker before the eyes of a blind girl . in the presence of the parents , and for fun (Waugh 4 . How could parents be so brutal and numb ? What could be the reasons behind this type of events ?Main Body Child abuse done by the parents themselves can have a number of reasons and factors , which has made them harsh and unemotional toward their children . From corporal punishment (i .e , acts that promote physical pain ) to threats and withdrawal , to verbal abuse and humiliation , there has to be a number of reasons why parents abuse their children either openly or secretively . The reasons can be one or more of the following :first is the character of the child or the parent second is the past and present environment of the child or the parent third is the abusive use of drugs or alcohol fourth is lack of knowledge , personality , or skill fifth and final are cultural and social environment of both the parent and the child . To explain each , the character of both parties – especially the parent – is one of the basic factors why people in the society continue to abuse their child . The character of the parent can be ruled by a number of significant factors , such as the physical , psychological , and biological being . The character can also be influenced by mental and emotional factors , which drive a motion that is immediate , brutal ,and /or aggressive . Cultural and social factors can put the parent into social strife , which give them the tendency to pass on their grievances physically toward their children . Examples of these cases include parents who are being maltreated socially and culturally because they have children who are biologically different or deformed as compared to other children in the society . This also circulates around the second and fifth reason stated in the recent page , which is the past and present environment , as well as the cultural and social environment of both parent and child . As for the third factor that drives child abuse ,which is the abusive use of drugs or alcohol , this is most frequent in deprived and third-world societies where the economy and the government are not able to supplement the needs and rights of each citizen . This is also prevalent in overcrowded cities where social threats are more widespread . These factors also comply with the fourth factor , which is the lack of knowledge and skill…

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